My Parents In The Act!!!!!!!

i was running around my big back yard and just messing around i was about 7 or eight then i decided to step on this ledge on the side of my house next to my parents window, btw i had no clue they were in there, i peaked in the window and totally freaked out my dad and mom both nude not covered and my dad between my moms legs licking her *****, omg!!!!!!!, i went inside the house through the backdoor and the craziest thing happened my brother actually walked in on them 5 minutes later, he screamed and my parents laughed it off,
thank you for reading!!!!
rosiefreemn rosiefreemn
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5 Responses Jul 10, 2011

I suppose it came as a surprise to you. Never mind you weren't harmed and although you remember it all these years later I hope it is with fondness that your parents enjoyed making love.

Lol wow

You're fortunate that you didn't get caught. Spying like that can lead to trouble. At least your parents had the good sense to laugh it off. Maybe that will help you deal with it in the future.


You know you should sneak in their room when their asleep and start squirting them with a water bottle