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Found My Parents Sex Tapes Part 1

so i was looking at the videos and pictures we stored online and i was looking and looking and then i passed something that looked suspicious and it was a video of my mother ************ and i was like i am not going to look at this, i am not going to look at this but i wasnt sure if it was just **** that me and my brother accidently saved onto the computer or if it was my mom, so curiousity took over and
i checked it out it was my mom and it was gross she had a ***** that you could put over things, like it was hollow and she had it on a cucumber and was ************ with her fukzuoku 9000, she had a big smile and my dadwas jabbing it in and out in and out and she really liked it and when she climaxed my dad made her give him a bj and he was like "i am going to *** in your mouth and your going to swallow it" ewwwww!!!!
anyway i was up really late and my mom gets up early for work and i was shaking i was so disgusted that she kissed me with that same mouth and she got up and gave me a hug and went to work, anyways i realized in the end that is a normal thing for couples to do but they could have hidden it better
what do you think?
i will follow up later!!!!!
thank you for reading bye!!!!!
rosiefreemn rosiefreemn 22-25, F 11 Responses Jul 10, 2011

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First , for you a very quick, sharp lesson in growing into the adult world. What you describe your parents doing is very common.
Second; the mistake to me was NOT that the tapes were left where you could find them, BUT that your mother (you being a girl yourself) should have talked about sex to you many years earlier. This is why so many young and older people are confused and hurt over sex. Parents SHOULD talk to children as they grow and develop feelings about sex as they they should do about everything else in life!!
Third , my wife and I never really understand why their children get upset over their parents having sex, in whatever way! We reared our three girls very openly re sex - they were never stopped from watching us. My wife also explained much to the girls especially re the wonders of ******* and how enjoyment can be obtained many ways.
They also learned by our lives that a close loving relationship IS the first essential for total sexual enjoyment and freedom!!

good ******* story

i was asked to check out why my mom couldn't burn cds on the pc so i go and check the library and notice the music was gone well long story short i got the music and family videos back onto the media player, feeling nostalgic i go back to look at videos of family trips etc. and then just like you i stumble upon Pandora's ******* box i think im far from that "its only natural" state but i guess ill eventually get over it, but im just pissed because it seems like im forever seeing things i didn't want to see ppl need to stop calling me for tech support haha....burt thanks im just glad im not the only unlucky one.

What, no one's ever come in your mouth?

I think My mom is a **** she has about 4 sex tape o her giving head all different guys......after I found those tapes I waited about a week to watch then but now I can't find then now cause she out of town now so I'm gonna try and look for them

You've accidentally stumbled upon an aspect of your parent's sexuality. They could of hidden this better, but they didn't. I would either return the tape to exactly where you found it, OR mark it with an XXX and then return it to your mom. I would have a private conversation with her to let her know that you've found it and they need to take better precautions. Talk with her about your feelings, and see if you can't learn how to deal with this in the future.
At the very least, you have learn a valuable lession to guard against committing evidence to your computer or a tape for fear of other's finding it. Good luck.

I have heard of this tactic. First they allow you to"accidentally" view them. They want you to become "comfortable" with their naked bodies and then they will try to get you involved. Do not fall for this!

I really don't think that's what's going on. People make mistakes. Not everything has an ulterior motive.

wanna let me see it?

oh god like yoour serious about the sex toy thing on a cucumber

I understand EXACTLY what she's describing. And you shouldn't be so quick to condemn. She wasn't meant to see that part of her mother's sexuality. So cool it.


I agree with Sue. IF they had wanted the tape to be hidden they could done so very easily. Maybe they were trying to check your reaction to seeing them in action.