Dad And His Girlfriend's **** Pics/vids

I realise this doesn't exactly fit the topic, but this is the closest I could find to the experience, so I thought I'd share anyway in case anyone's had anything similar.

My dad and mum have been seperated since I was a kid, and dad lives with his girlfriend. I spent the weekends at their house with them and her daughter, and sometimes use their computer. Once, I looked through their documents (for music, I swear! :D), and found a load of folders marked with names like "Private", "Private 2", "X Vids", etc. Being Mr. Curious, I looked through them.
Not sure if I was turned on or scarred mentally - explicit descriptions below, skip the next paragraph if you're uncomfortable:

Hundreds of pictures and videos of my dad, his girlfriend, and in some cases even other people, in loads of different sexual situations. Both of them ************, having sex in various positions, dad on his knees giving her oral as she stood naked, her dressed as a sexy schoolgirl and a latex-like nurse outfit (with a WHIP, although there was no evidence it was used!).
Close-ups of my dad's penis, sometimes wearing a solid metal cockring, and of her giving him oral.
And then a whole folder dedicated to photos of a foursome between those two and another male and female couple. Dad having sex with the other wman, his girlfriend and the other woman using a double-headed ***** (I couldn't help stopping and staring at that for a while), etc etc etc. They seemed to go on forever, as if every time they did something together they recorded it in picture or video form.

I know neither of them caught me looking, but since then they were reluctant about letting me use the PC, as if they realised how the folders were just lying around and didn't want me to see them. But since then it's like I can't forget them, almost every one of them stuck in my head as if I'd just seen them.

Has anyone else ever caught their seen a parent having sex in this way (ie. through other media than your own eyes)?
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yepp big time pal