After Seeing My Mum And Dad Haveing S E X

after seeing my mum and dad haveing s e x the other night when they was out the house buying shopping i had a look in there bed room to have a look at there s e x toys i got a big shock i find 2 rabbit vibrators and 4 other ****** a pack of love rings other s e x toys rubber and pvc wear a big red rubber sheet and whips and **** mags and lots of **** dvds even one with them haveing s e x on it
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I don't know why as youth the thought of sex gets us all excited and we somehow think it is an idea all our own. That our generation discovered it and the thought never dawns on us that something along those lines had to happen for us to be getting aroused at that particular moment! Lol. Perhaps it's due to society's fear to give our children not just proper sex education, but personal sex education. Don't start freaking out or getting perverted here folks. Save that for another story. I mean lovingly taking the time to sit down and go past the embarrassed fumbling of the topic to where our youth realize they can and should ask mom and dad questions. Would it be so bad that our kids, heaven forbid, actually learned the most loving and intimate things from those who are most important to them? I appalogize janebow. I didn't mean to turn this into a time of preaching. Honestly I am as guilty as any other and this is just an observation. I truly enjoyed the story. It is wonderfully written.

Your parents sound like some alright people

so now you know ... parents like sex . Sex toys are useful and fun - some of them, anyway. I hope you learned something useful for your own sex life from your watching. I guess we all want to know just exactly how they were doing it when you were watching?

Did you watch the movie that had them haveing sex?

I shared a bed sit with my stepmum and often watched her suckin n ****** pretendin to b asleep wankin off with her panties

Sweet and Delicious!

I had sex with my parents

oh my god

do you want to see them having sex

why are you shocked?

Good that you found out, you'll have a better understanding of your parents after that. Do you use sex toys with your b/f? We use a big vibrator and watch sex videos together.

It can sometimes be a bit of a shock to find out that your parents like doing the same sort of things you do. But afterall, they are human too and have the same needs as younger humans. Hope it wasn't too upsetting.

Have you watch the tape of them yet? I think you should watch more of their sex sessions and even creep into their room and ********** while they ****!! You might be suprise at them when they ask you to join them!!