I Saw My Parents Making Love

It happend when I was 12 or 13. Then we had a small house with two bedrooms. I occupied one bed room and my mom and other siblings occupied the other bedroom. My dad sleeps at the verandah common to both bedrooms. One night I woke up from sleep hearing sounds. I saw my dad reading a magazine and my mom embracing him tightly. He was fondling her huge buttucks while reading. Slowly he made her buttucks bare and threw his magazine away. He started kissing her and was frantically removing her clothes. Mom meanwhile was fondling his tool stroking it up and down. Once naked dad took moms **** in his mouth and started sucking and the at the same time he hands were inside her .... After sometime he got on top of her and started *******. 
This was my first experience of two adults engaging in *******. I was trembling and had uncontrolled sexual urge. I held on my **** tight in my hand and was engrossed in what I was witnessing. I watched till they finished *******. I saw my parents smile at each other and lied down to sleep holding each other tight. I went back to bed and reliving what I saw earlier and could my throbbing **** could calm down only after ************ thrice in succession.
krishchovva krishchovva 26-30, M 6 Responses Feb 23, 2012

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Krish, you've have a wonderful opportunity to see your parents make love and to express that love. How nice that you've been able to see the end with them laying together and smiling. That is one of the best lessons that you will ever get, and I hope that your personal relationships will be better for it. Thanks for sharing.

Mastur***ing to your parents is not weird. It's se*, and real live se* is undeniably arousing. I think about my parents F'ing all the time when I finger myself. Get off wonderfully.

good. i saw manytimes that too when my dad was 58+ and mom 40+ and she got pregnant also

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Good for you mom, she needed it and you dad also, and you got to discover the powerful feeling and arousment of watching your mom have sex :-)

Was this the only time you saw them have sex or has it happened moret times?