My Mom Loves To Have Her ***** Sucked!

Hey! I'm back again with another story about my mom and her bf Paul! They've been having sex more frequently now and I love to see them. They don't know that I know that they're ******* though, but I'm not sure if I should tell them in case they start locking their doors or something. So I need your advice. Do you guys think I should tell them? Anyway, on with the story! So I've realized that mom LOVES to have her **** licked. She makes Paul do it all the time. They're not very good at hiding though, because they always have sex in places where I can see them, although they think that I don't. Yesterday morning, before school, I was going downstairs for breakfast when I heard moaning coming from the kitchens. So I peaked in and I saw mom in her work uniform and Paul in his suit, but mom's skirt and panties were down to her ankles and Paul's penis was out of his pants, and rock hard. Still wearing her high heels, mom was leaning over the kitchen counter with her legs open, and Paul was sucking her **** from underneath. It was so hot! Mom kept moving her vagina back and forth as Paul licked away as if his life depended on it. My finger was already on my own **** cuz I knew this was going to be a good show. Then, Paul put mom on top the kitchen counter. She spread her legs and he continued sucking on her ****, while she moaned and played with his hair. After she came, Paul rubbed is penis slowly up and down her vagina, moistening it with her *** and juices. He then proceeded to **** her and came inside mom so hard. Then she squatted down over his plate of toast on the kitchen counter, making all the *** drip on top of it. Then she said that she couldn't wait for this evening. They both dressed and after waiting a while, I went into the kitchen where I saw Paul happily eating his toast with the *** on it.
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You should set it up so they catch you being naughty and gauge their reaction. I'm guessing they would love it, hearing how kinky they are.

Hi im from the freestate and also would like to get my mom in bed....... I am 25 and my mom 47..... She is little overwaight but man she has nice **** and the bigest butt ever.... But i dont know tricks to tell her what will she do when i send her a pic of my **** anyone please help this is no joke i really want to

please post a new story

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Only enjoy the show

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