Leave The Tv Volume Alone!!

It was a Sunday morning around 10:30. I was in the living room working online on my dad's UNEMPLOYMENT forms. The TV volume was turned up, so I thought my mom was taking a shower or bath. But no, my dad had TURNED THE TV VOLUME ALMOST ALL THE WAY UP so I couldn't her them doing it. The door was wide open too. It didn't take long to finish dad's unemployment filing. So when I went to hand him his confirmation number for that week, I saw Mom bent over the bed & Dad slapping her rear end (both had clothes on). When I came in, Dad said, "Here she is!". I handed Dad his unemployment confirmation number & turned the TV volume down. I went back to the living room to shut down my computer. Dad wanted to try again, but when he walked into the living room, I was looking right at him. That was the last time they tried to do it.
EBenfatto EBenfatto
31-35, F
Jul 3, 2012