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I was 10 years old and it was like in August,I wasn't really sleeping but my mom and dad thought I was cause I didn't move for a while because I use to sleep with them cause there was only 2 rooms (My sister's and my parent's) My dad was drunk and I heard him say "Come on""Please" for a few minutes.It was 12:00 am.Then I heard my mom say "Ugh""Fine."Then I heard moving and felling like they were moving.Then all of a sudden i heard the bed moving and my mom moaning quietly.I turned around slowly and like it was dark i opened my eyes a little bit.I saw my dad's p---- on her butt.He was on top but he was laying down kissing my mom's boobs.After a while they stopped then my mom was drinking with him.They started again and then after a few minutes,My dad woke me up and THEY WERE BOTH NAKED!! After he woke me up,He took off all my clothes and started doing sex with me.My mom fell asleep.If I tried to get him off me,The harder he did it to me.My sister went out so it's like no one heard me screaming for help =.= He started to lick my vagina.Then he started kissing all my body.After that night,He been doing it with me or my mom.
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This sounds like a piece of fiction, but if elements of this are true, you need to report this to the authorities. Or at least speak to your mom about it. It's trouble.

U didnt tell if u enjoyed it or didnt like it?