I Listened To Them Have Sex And Then Joined In

I am an 18 year old male. About a year ago after waking up one weekend i heard some strange noises,so i got up to see what they were, after opening my bedroom door i knew straight away that they were coming from my parents room. By this point it was pretty clear that my step mom and dad were having sex. As i quietly approached my parents room the noises began to get louder and i could hear my mom panting loudly and occasionally yelling oh yeah. This was the first time i had witnessed real sex, i was really turned on aswell, with every pant and groan my mom made my **** got harder and harder, eventually i was throbbing. A few seconds later my mom began to pant and groan faster speeding up every second, she then began to make very fast squeaking noises and by this point i figured that she had reached ******.

After experiencing this i was very intrigued, over the next few weeks i woke up early every morning to see when they would next have sex, 4 weeks later and i had figured out that there was a pattern to when they had sex, it was every Sunday around 9am. Now that i knew when exactly they had sex, i decided to take things to the next level. On one of the mornings when i knew they were gonna do it i grabbed my camcorder and approached their bedroom door, i recorded every second of it.....I then did this for the next few moths and have built up a library of sound clips of them have sex. One of the great things about my mom being ****** is her *******, every one is different and special, One of my favorite ones is a most recent one where she moaned like a pornstar and shouted "ah ah ah ah ah dont stop oh yeah do it harder ah ah ah ah oh god yeah." By this point i would ********** standing next to their bedroom door while listening to my moms ******* and imagining that i was the one ******* her *****.

This brings me to my next point......from what ive heard there is nothing wrong with this, but i am deeply turned on by my mom, she's in her early 30's, she is a bit of a bbw, but god she is a MILF..whenever i hear my dad ******* her juicy ***** i just wanna join in. Lately ive been snooping around in my parents room and i eventually found a load of karma sutra books and a box with loads of sex toys in, there was stuff like:
- ***** Pump
- Nipple Clamps
- Blindfold
- **** Pump
- 2 Vibrators
- Giant 12inch Vibrator
- Wand Vibrator
-Viganal Speculum

I was so turned on when i found these, i grabbed the lube which was in the box and began to play with them imagining i was licking my moms wet ***** and stuffing the vibrators up my *** turning it up to full speed as i reached ******. This was my first time with sex toys and it wasn't my last, i now often play with my parents toys regularly when they are not using them and my parents don't even seem to notice. Oh and yesterday i found a load of kinky lingerie in my moms wardrobe, there was some sexy stuff like; crotch less thongs, fishnets stockings, high leather boots, teddy with the breast part cut out, really high heel shoes, kinky gloves, crotch less nightwear and a load of other stuff....i love to try these on and pretend im my mom being ****** hard and having a huge ******.

In the past 7 weeks i have stepped things up a little, i decided it was time to try and actually see my mom having her ***** ****** hard. So 7 weeks ago i approached their bedroom door, it was slightly open about a quarter way, just enough for me to peek in and get a decent view...as it was a warm night they were both on top of the covers, completley exposed, i could see my moms HUGE ****, her big solid nipples and her big hairy ***** waiting to be pounded. Strangeley enough they never noticed me the whole time which was quite strange considering i was only 1 1/2 meters away from their bed...buy anyway...they began to kiss for around 5 mins, my dad would start of on my mams lips and slowly make his was down to her ****, kissing and sucking each nipple. He then pulled some lube out of the draw under the bed and squirted some onto my moms ***** slowly rubbing it in and fingering her now wet *****, teasing her....it was this point when the heavy breathing began, my **** was as hard as a rock already. They both then turned over with my dad lying down and my mom sitting on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position, she was blindfolded so luckily she couldn't see me at the door and my dad had his head under a pillow. It began slowly thrusting, getting faster every few seconds i grabbed my **** and started to rub back and forth in time with my mom....after about 40 seconds my mom shouted "Oh Yeah, Dont Stop, Dont Stop...................**** Me, **** Me, **** Me" while rubbing her **** and squeezing her nipples...then her breathing sped up and she began to moan and groan, i was waiting and ready to reach ****** in time with her...... she then shouted "Im Gonna ***....... Im Gonna ***", i then knew that me and my mom were gonna climax at the same time, 3 seconds later and she shouted "Im *******.....Im *******", her high pitched squealing and heaving breathing began to speed up insanely fast, as i watched her ****** i also came at the same same and jizzed all over a tissue in my hand, it felt so good, i felt as if i was actually ******* her wet juicy hair *****, oh it made me shiver.......after climaxing she then lay down on top of my dad and and they kissed for the next few minutes. i then went back to my room happy.

Now this is where things get even better, 2 weeks ago during the day i heard the usual noises coming from my moms rooms. but it was during the week and my dad was at work, i approached her bedroom door and peeked through a crack..... through the crack i the door i saw the box with all the sex toys in, my mom was wearing leather boots with fishnets, a crotch less latex thing and a latex bra with holes where the nipples are, i was really turned on at the fact she was doing a bit of solo ************, as she began to play with one of the vibrators i went to go and get my camera from my room when a made a rather large footstep, my mom jumped up from her bed and opened her door to find me with no clothes on and a semi-on. I didn't know what to say or do....but before i had a chance to say anything my mom said "so you have been spying on me"......this means that they knew i was watching therm **** all this time and they were just taking no notice of it. As i rushed to get some clothes, my mom said, "Come back here and show me what a real man you are", i went back to her door and she grabbed my neck and threw me onto the her bed, oh my god this is really happening i thought. She approached me with the vibrator she had been using in her *****, told me to open my mouth and then stuffed the vibrator in my mouth and told me to suck it clean. She then closed her door and told me to lie down on her bed with my legs and arms spread out, i asked her what we were going to do and she replied with "youre not gonna stand and watch, you've got to work for it......your gonna be my little slave". I was so exited for what was about to happen. My mom then grabbed some rope and handcuffs from her cupboard, she then tied my hand to the post of the bed and my feet to the post of the bed, i was totally restrained, no where to go. My mom then removed all of her clothing and threw them to the side of the room, sh crawled onto the bed and stroked my **** teasing me with every touch. As she got on top of me she said that i had to be punished for spying on her,she moved towards my head and told me that i had to do what she said or i would be punished even more. It was then that she placed her hairy ***** over my face and sat on my mouth.... "Lick me clean" she said, i began to insert my tongue and lick her we ***** like an ice lolly, the taste was beautiful and i could feel all of her hairs in on my lips. she then started to grind and hump my face, i had pretty much been face ******. Once i had received my first punishment she crawled off me and went over to the box with all the sex toys in, out of it she pulled all of these wires and pads, she placed these little pads all over me, on my balls, on my chest and on my ***. she then grabbed some nipple clamps which she attached to herself then she attached some to me and linked her chain with my chain which mean that every time she moved, my clamps grew tighter and pulled away from me. Now was the time when she mounted herself on my hard **** and began to ride me like. as she rode me she picked up a box which was attached to the pads on my body. every few seconds she would press a red button on it sending electrocutions through my body giving me a painful shock. As we were approaching climax together she said that she was going to *** as she moaned and groaned, she was rubbing her **** in my face telling me to suck on her nipples, a few seconds later and we both gave out an almighty groan as i came inside her *****, straight away she jumped of me, pulling off the nipple clamps and began to suck on my ****. Over the next 5 mins she gave me a hand job and a *******....this was the greatest day of my life......but it dosent end there just when i though things were coming to a close she untied me and told me to get a shower and come back in 30 minutes. i couldn't wait to she what she had planned next.

After a quick shower i returned to my moms bedroom, she was lying on her bed with a paddle whip and a cane whip, she said its time for my 3rd punishment, i was then instructed to bend over her bed, she told me to open my mouth, this was for a mouth gag to keep me silent during my punishment she said, then she placed a blindfold over my eyes so i couldn't see what was happening. I had a feeling this was gonna hut, but in a good way. As she spanked me repeatedly on my sore *** she said that i had been a very naught boy and that i was going to be punished on a regular basis. Once my spanking were over she said it was time for my final task.....she said i had to prove myself to her......she said that first i had to **** her ***** in a doggy style position then **** her *** in a doggstyle position and make her *** twice....easy i though, so she got into position on all fours, i climbed up behind her, lubed my **** up and ****** her ***** as good as ever, she came again beautifully, after having her first ****** she said to put my **** in her *** and **** it until she told me to stop....i struggled to get it in at first, her *** was so tight, but eventually i got it in, it felt so good, really tight but soft aswell. now i thought this was gonna be easy, but it wasn't. i ****** her in the *** for over 5 minutes before she told me to stop. my **** was so sore from her tight *******. But she said that because i did a good job and gave her 2 amazing ******* that she would reward me , so she got down on her knees, placed my **** between her **** and gave me the amazing ****** ever, i came all over her ****, face and in her mouth.

After cleaning up and tidying away she said that i want to tell my dad about this and that me and her would be doing this again on a regular basis. Since then things have been great, we have been having sex a lot and i am receiving punishments on a regular basis......its safe to say that my mam is one kinky MILF. Today she told me that my next punishment will involve a big strap on :) cant wait for it .
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Bs story. If your 18 and mom is in early thirties .... The math is not quite there

This sounds like every kid's fantasy, alright. I began to suspect after the inventory of every sex toy "boxed the compass".

U r lucky u get to be laid every day!