My Mom The Milf

Im 18 and get really turned on by my mom, she is in her late 30's, she has a little bit of a chubby body but at the same time has a nice figure, she has huge saggy **** and an amazingly hairy *****......nudity has never been a problem in my house, my mom often walks around with nothing on in front of me, sometime i sit in her room and talk to her while she is getting dressed. Her nipples really turn me on, they go hard and big, especially when its cold.
Lately i have been watching her and my dad have sex during the early hours of weekend mornings, at first i would just listen from my room and ********** to the sound of her *******, but lately i have been standing at her bedroom door looking through the gap, as they often leave their door open a little. last saturday, i watched them have sex, i quitley approached their bedroom door, positioned myself so i could see through the was amazing my mom was lying on her back with her legs spread open, i could see her big hairy *****, her saggy **** were hanging over her chest. My dad lying at the side of her began to kiss her **** and nipples, licking his was down her body, she began to pant and make some really sexy sounds. After a few minutes of foreplay, they turned onto their sides, my mom put her leg up in the air, my dad then lubed up his big hard **** and put it into her hairy *****. He began to thrust, getting faster and faster, i was standing at the door with one hand on my ****, jacking myself off and the other hand holding my camera filming them doing it. A few minutes later, and my mom began to breathe heavily and started to shout things like, dont stop, im *******, i was so ready to *** myself at this point, few second later and she started to make some high pitched really fast noises, i now knew that she was ******* and having an ******, as she came, so did i jizzing all over my hand and her bedroom door. i quickly scampered back to my room and watched the video again while having another ****.
I now watch them every time they have sex, i film it every time and watching back later on, its great ************ material.
masterjohndoe2012 masterjohndoe2012
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012