Seeing Them In The Act...

Ok so it was friday night and i had just returned home from ice skating with a couple of friends and they came home with me to stay over for ahwile. so when we got to my house we went to my bed room wich is right next to my parents bedroom. We sat down and started watching tv in my room when all of the sudden we heard bangs and loud moans from my parents bedroom and i tried to play it off at first and turned the tv up really loud.after a few minutes my mom came in the room half naked and told us to turn everything off then she went back into her room to continue. with the tv off we could hear everything and i was so embarrased so i said i had to go to the bathroom. so i went out into the hall and wanted to see if i could see under the gap in my parents door to see them doing it and sure enough i could and this got me very hot and wet seeing my dad thrust his big **** into my moms wet hairless ***** and by the moans i could tell my mom was really enjoying herself. after about 5 or 10 minutes my dad took his **** out of my mom and made my mom suck it until he came in her mouth and all over her **** and i came at the same time.i quickly walked off after they were done and went back into the bedroom with my friends.
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I am sure your friends enjoyed too.