My Brothers Dad And Mom Having Sex

When I was about 11 or 12 we lived in a two bedroom apartment , my two sisters shared one room and my mom , me and brother shared a room with my mom . My brother dad at that time did not live with us after they had spit up a year before , yet he still come over from time to time to **** my mom. I remember this one time it was going to be MLK birthday holiday so my mom didn't work the next day , my sisters stayed at there friends house and it was only me and my little brother with my mom. Sure enough I heard a knock at the door and there was my brothers dad. I could smell the after shave , we didn't like each other so I just left the door open and walked away . He came in saying he was here to spend some time with my little brother , I rolled my eyes and went back to watching TV. It was getting late and my brother fell a sleep , my mom told me to take him up stairs and for he and I to get to bed . I was so tired I didn't protest . What they didn't know is that I been watching them have sex since we all lived together a year before. So I went up stair and laid down and waited . Sure enough I heard kissing and I slowly got out of bed to take a look down stairs and see how far they got . I came to the top of the stairs and peeked with my head down to the living room down stairs . The show had just began I saw my mom laying on the couch and my brother dad on the side of her lifting up her shirt to show her beast . He sucked one then the other . I was mad because they still had all their clothes on . So I went back to bed. It must have been a few hours later because I was in my moms bed and I heard voices in the hallway outside my mom room .. "we cant do it in my room because we will wake the boys", what about the girls room ?" I heard foot steps then I few sec later I heard my mom moaning . The bed kept squeaking so my mom stopped and said that they were both to heavy for the bed and they decided to go back down stairs. I smiled as I heard them go back down the stairs , I waited, then I slowly step out of bed to take my normal position at the top of the stairs . Sure enough by the time I got there my brother dad was pumping away at my mom doggy style both naked my brother dad had a big **** and it gave her pleasure every time it went in . He pulled out of her and just when I thought they were done he laid on his back and put his face on her ***** and began to eat her out . All I heard from my mom was "Daddy hungry ...oowe" he did this for a while so I lost interest and when back to the room. It never effected me much to see them **** , if he wasn't so much of a *** I would have talked to him about it and see if I could have a front row seat instead of the nose bleed section.
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great storie add me would to hear more