In The Bed With My Parents When They Were Playing With Each Other

I was about 10 or 11 we lived in a small apartment and I had no choice but to sleep in the same bed as my mom . Normally it was fine I would fall asleep hugging my mom and woke up and get ready and went to school. On the weekends her boyfriend would spend the night and he didn't care that I was in the bed with them . I fell asleep and woke up to my mom sucking his **** I couldn't see anything expect for my moms head going up and down I was behind her with her butt facing my **** . His head was straight up so he didn't see me looking . I thought is was nice because my mom wore a small nightgown with no panties underneath so when she was sucking his **** I could see her big *** near my **** . I started having a ***** in my pants  as I heard the sucking and her head going up and down , I acted like I was missing my mom and hugged her around her stomach  like I was a sleep but looking for her I pushed my semi hard **** in to the crack of her *** she didn't notice and kept sucking . It was nice and warm in her *** I wished I could have took down my PJ bottoms and sick my **** in her ***** or *** . But I knew her BF would kick my *** if he knew I was awake.I left my **** in her crack until he shot in her mouth . I heard my mom making sounds like "hmmmm" as for him he  didn't make any sounds just moved around a lot . My mother drank all of his ***. My mother laid back she picked up my arm and moved it around her waist as she came up to the pillow level of the bed. I was so hard I laid on my back and fell asleep from over stimulation . I'm sure they ****** when I passed out. I woke up the next day early but didn't move because I woke up on my side and my eyes cracked open a little  and saw that my mom was naked right next to me under the covers. Since I was under the covers I looked and saw again my moms big *** clearly but nothing else . I kept acting like I was a sleep I hugged my mom around the waist and put my head at her side giving me a clear view to the other side of them,  but did not put my **** near her butt other wise she might think I was up . I kept making snoring noises so they wouldn't  stop what they were doing .. It was good that it was light outside because every time I lifted the sheet a bit I could see my mom giving him a slow hand job. I didn't pull the blankets to much up because then they would know I was looking . It took a bit of time then I heard my moms BF breath heavy and I looked under the blanket and saw my moms hand and it was full of his ***. Then my mom turned a bit with her back still to me and opened her legs just a crack then I looked down  under the sheets and saw my moms BF put his hand on my moms hairy ***** and began finger ******* her . My moms ***** was shaved but still had hair around her ***** opening . He started slow and began to go faster and faster until she let out a moan and I heard her ***** juices coming out. It was hot I wanted to grab my **** and stick it in her butt again but I knew I couldn't . When My mom was done coming she roll to his side and we all laid there for a bit until I heard my moms BF saying he was going to use the bath room and I heard him get off the bed and I heard the bathroom light go on as the door closed . My mom stay for a bit but then got up I took a peak and saw her get out of bed with her big butt in full view , she grabbed her nightgown and put it on again with out any panties . She went down stairs to make some breakfast. I laid in the bed with a hard ****. Crazy...I didn't see my mother wipe her self off so that made me even harder .
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Jan 16, 2013