Bathroom ****

When I was a kid I shared a bed with my mom and at the time she had been single yet my brother dad would come and try to get back with her. One night he said he was too tired to drive home from visiting my baby brother , she said he could stay but I he had to share the bed with me and her . He agree and we all went to sleep . In the middle of the night I was hugging my mom around her waist like I always did but this time I felt the bed move then I felt her the bottom of her night grown thrown over my arm . I cracked a eye open to see what was going on . I could only see out of one of my eyes so I couldn't look down , but what I could see was my mothers leg up in the air wet sounds and my mom starting to moan . I saw my brother dad start to pull down his pants and then she said "no !" he said "why not ?" she didn't reply only got up and when to her closet . I saw her grab some white panties and put them on under her night grown . After that everyone went to sleep . It was the next morning when I woke up . My brothers dad was down stairs playing with my little brother and my mom was in the shower . I heard him come up the stairs I ran back to the bed to act like I was still sleeping . I heard him knock on the door and say that he need to use the bathroom she said "No" that she would be out in a bit. He said he need to go bad. Since it was a small apartment we only had one bathroom. So she finally gave in and opened the door. I ran from the bed and laid in front of the bathroom door. I heard him taking a **** then flushed it , I heard the sliding door of the shower open I heard my mom make a mad noise then quite . I heard the soap drop then I heard my mom being pumped and ****** by my brothers dad . She sounded like she was into it . When they were done I went down stairs I heard my mom come out first then my brother dad out second. I stayed down stairs with my brother for a bit then I heard my mom go back into the bath room to dry her hair. Again he went in with her . I heard the hair dryer going off and I went back up stairs and laid in my normal spot in front of the bath room. As I laid down and tried to look under the door the light shut off and I stop hearing the dryer I only heard my mom make that mad sound again , then I heard her dropping things to the floor . I heard her start to moan and then I hear the ******* start they were on the floor of the bathroom . First slow then fast until I hear his *** coming out of my mom. After that I went down stairs and acted like I been down there the whole time. They both came down stairs he hug my mom and left. I just had a smile on my face.
akj9394 akj9394
Jan 17, 2013