Waking Up To My Parents *******

When I was very little maybe five or six we lived in a two bed room apartment except that we didn't have both rooms only one , the other room was taken by a single mom and her two kids . Weird I know, so anyways one day after a family outing to the stores we all came back home, it was hot so we all decided to stay inside and turn on the air so we could cool off.. my sisters slept in the living room and I slept on a small bed next to my parents bed . I remember playing with my toys in my parents room and must have fell asleep . I woke up on the floor next to my toys and looked over to my parents bed and saw my mom on top of my dad in her nightgown moving her hips wildly . My father kept his hands on her hips and she went up and down on his ****. I was sure at the time what they were doing so I army crawled to the side of the bed to see what was going on . As I got closer to the side bed and looked up at my mom , I was hoping she was going to tell me what they were doing . She looked at me with a focused look but didn't say anything. I kept looking and my mom grabbed a hand towel and rub it between her legs then threw it at my face and kept riding. I smelled it as it hit my face it had a funny smell but not bad , I now realize it was her ***** juice I was smelling . Since I was very small they didn't get mad at me for watching but they paid no attention to me either . I soon fell back to sleep and woke up in my little bed with them in the other room making dinner.
akj9394 akj9394
Jan 17, 2013