This month I've heard for the first time in 20 yrs my parents having sex. Two times.
I know it's natural they have sex, but I felt really really uncomfortable. And also... I felt turned on a lot. I always get turned on hearing sex noises (on ****/film ecc), but they are MY PARENTS.
Now I feel gross and disgusting, and I'm really afraid to hear them again.
What should I do?
Cutterkarma Cutterkarma
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6 Responses Aug 19, 2014

It's good their doing it because that means no divorce and I'm writing this while my parents are doing it

Did you talk to them about this

Ya thats true .
even I saw my parents having sex.check out my story

How old were your parents that tym

Thinking about it yeah it can be grossed but I can see why it would turn you on.

What turns you on about it?

I once watched my uncle and my ant have sex. I was in the same room asleep when I started hearing noices. I was around 9. The lights were off but the TV was on so I was able to see them.
I remember seeing them and feeling good, I guess I was horny.

Now when I think about it it really turns me on to think that I got to see them.

Would you be willing to sneak in your parents and watch them have sexy?

But on some music and **********!