I Was Shocked To Say The Least...

I walked in on my parents tonight, I was shocked to say the least. I was in the living room watching a tv with my boy friend and my parents were in their room "watching tv" or so I thought. Well the phone kept ringing so finally I went to look and see who it was, so I seen it was my uncle from prison so I ran to my parents room to give my mom the phone.  Now I can't think of one time that I haven't knocked on the door before going in their room... except this time. I was in such a rush to give my mom the phone I really didn't think about knocking, plus the door was partially open so I just stuck my head in and then I saw them... I was just soooo shocked! All I said was "Oh my god! That was nice guys, thanks alot for that!" and I just turned around and walked back to the livingroom where my boyfriend was. I just sat there and was in utter shock and disgust. I could not believe what just happend! I sat there and prayed that they just wouldn't try to talk to me about it. Afterall I am 17 and it not like I dont know what sex is. My paryers went on answered though. The second my boyfriend left my mom came in the room and started yealling at me. saying "Why didnt you knock!?" "How come you just came in like that!?" "Whats your problem!?" So there I sit thinking, how am I to blame for this? Well I explained to her the whole open door thing (which she denied) and that its not like I WANTED to see that!! I would do just about anything to take it back. She just yelled at me some more thought and told me my dad was super pissed at me. I just sat there thinking, how is this my fault? Why wouldn't you lock and close your damn door when you know that your kid is home!?!?!  I am so sick and tramatized over this its not even funny. I don't think I will be able to look at my dad or speak to him for weeks. Its going to be so awful its not even funny. I just  can't get over the fact that they blamed me though!!!!!!

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Hey honey, you did enter without knocking...and that's where the problem occurred. Get over it, and make it a practice to knock more. You were right to try to rouse them for an important call... however, when they retire to their room, give them some privacy.

Nicely stated, B.O.A. !

Sometimes when we get caught and are embarrassed and upset, we lash out at others. It was stressful for them to get caught. Let it cool down, and it will be forgotten, but they will keep their door closed and locked from now on...and you WILL knock from now on...

Oh, she'll knock from now on...I'm certain of that!

Oh that's sooooo uncool

They were probably embarrassed.......

Disgusting? Why? That's exactly what they did to produce...you!

My parents had sex but it was worse because I was in the room but they thought I was sleeping.

How old were you? Could you please share some more details?

Oh my gosh I'm do embarrassed I walked in on my mom and dad tonight and I'm just hoping they won't mention<br />
It to me !!!

Why not? It obviously has bothered you. Don't you want to resolve it?

It was odd that they over reacted. I suppose they are covering up for being careless.

Well, gotta say that the whole " over-reactionary " thing seems to be a family trait..a simple " excuse me " as you shut the door, should have been the end of the entire thing. " Traumatized "?..Really? At 17 y/o...Old enough to have a boyfriend over in your parents home, late enough that they had already gone to bed? Either that, or they went to bed unusually early which at 17, should have given you a heads-up. After all, what would be the odds that they both suddenly fell ill with African Sleeping Sickness? ..lol..

They should not have blamed you. That was totally stupid and you have every right to be upset in general and upset at them for blaming you. It was not your fault. They should have locked the door. They were probably embarrassed and overreacted. How did it work out?

I really don't care that they were having sex, they can do it all they want for all I care.... I just reallly dont want to see it!! All I ask is that they lock the damn door when I'm home! I lock the door when I have sex, I expect the same out of them. They should know better.

Simplest way to rectify the problem, is don't live in their house. That way, you get to make all the rules, and lay down the law as you see fit. Ahhh..Can't ya' just smell the freedom?