The One Night Stand

In the late 1970s, I had just finished college and couldn't find work in my field. This was probably due to too many nights spent out at the bar and not enough in the books, but no matter... I was able to find work in my hobby, which was playing disc jockey for radio stations.

The pay wasn't great, but I was able to split an apartment with another young man and we were good roommates who complemented each other pretty well. I was working the evening shift at an AM/FM combination in Grand Rapids, and had a half hour commute into the big city, but I was almost always out of work by midnight and able to join my buddy at the bar in the coastal town of Holland.

He was the most unusual individual I think I've ever met. These days we would say he looked like Johnny Depp, with all his dark facial hair and suave manner about him. He was a real ladies man, and due to his circumstances, he was getting more than his share of the women. Frequently, I would come home and he'd roll in when the bars closed, or maybe sooner, with a new young lady on his arm. They'd visit with me for a while, or I'd get up to join in their laughter in the living room, and after a beer or two, they'd retire to his bedroom. Soon, I'd hear the familiar sounds of his bed squeaking or impacting the wall of the one story wood frame house that we rented from his father.

Oh, and I've forgotten to explain why he was such a memorable character. Before I knew him, Orv (short for Orville, I'm not kidding) had ridden a motorcycle. He had ridden it everywhere, until one day, while running an errand for his father's company, he had been in an accident and flown over the handlebars. That was all it took. Orv woke up in the hospital, with bad news from the doctors. His legs had impacted the handlebars, but worse, his family jewels had been raked over as he flew past the speedometer. To make it simple, he had lost one testicle.

But it wasn't all bad. He still had his **** and everything worked alright. It's just that the doctors had though that he needed testosterone supplements to make up for his missing testicle, and so he had received hormone injections regularly and there was no end in sight. Insurance was paying for it all, and he was on workman's comp from the company. So basically, this meant he was being shot full of testosterone, was spouting thick beard and mustache, and had a sex drive that just wouldn't quit. And from the frequent sounds in his bedroom, he was getting far more than his fair share of action.

Anyway, with my outgoing personality that made me a good radio announcer and disc jockey, and his charm and obvious sex appeal, we were popular regulars at the bar just outside of town. Orv would drink, pick up a babe, and come home, and I'd stay out of his way, just listening to his tales of wild sex and hot women that he had met and bedded. It wasn't often that I would see them at breakfast, but occasionally I would see them leaving. They were an interesting mixture of women, both experienced, sexy, young, and hung-over, but very few were dogs.

One night, I returned from my work, having stayed late due to a baseball game that had aired from the west coast, and so my shift was extended. When I got home, I was tired and opened a beer, but within a few minutes, Orv rolled in with two Blondes, one on each arm. He introduced Debbie and Diane and said they had gotten to be good friends at the bar that evening. I couldn't believe my eyes, as they were both good lookers with blonde hair, suntanned bodies and the latest disco summer fashion accessories.

Orv broke out a case of beer, and we sat around talking, playing cards and laughing. It eventually became more clear to me that Orv was hitting on Diane and Debbie was just along for the ride, basically the wingman for her friend. It was pretty clear that Diane was not going to be doing anything with Debbie sitting right there. So after a glance or two from Orv and a nod at Debbie, I got the hint that he needed help with one of them. So I turned on the charm.

We played cards, and eventually ***** poker, until the girls were somewhat drunk and half naked, but then we were too. We kept the radio on the disco station and as the rain started, the conversation changed to how they should stay instead of getting soaked walking to the car. We walked out on the porch to watch the rain and have a smoke, and then Orv and Diane disappeared into his bedroom.

Debbie didn't notice for a while and I kept up the attention and charm, smiling at her and cracking jokes. Eventually, she walked over to me and put her arms around my neck, telling me that I was a really nice guy, and she couldn't believe her luck in meeting us that night. She planted a big kiss on me, and then pulled away, asking where Diane had gone.

It was time to fish or cut bait, so I was honest that I thought that she and Orv had retired to the bedroom, where the door was obviously closed. For a moment, Debbie stood there and stared at the closed door, deciding what to do, and then she turned back to me and said, "Oh well, I hope she enjoys it." The crisis was passed, and Debbie had accepted the situation. Now it was up to me.

We continued to talk, and she would occasionally slow dance with me  to the radio, her large breasts pressed against my hairy chest, and I would give her some wet kisses, nibble her ears, her neck and caress her back and flanks. After an impassioned squeeze, she said that felt good on her back, and I offered to give her a massage. She was cautious, but walked into my bedroom and then laid face down on the bed, exposing her naked back to my strong hands.

I gave her a good massage, and by going slowly, warmed her up and turned her on. After a half hour of gentle foreplay, she was willing to have sex. I won't bore you with what we did, or who did what, but she wasn't very experienced and I was very gentle with this willing girl. She wasn't on birth control so I promised to use a condom, and it helped me last a long time. I think it was well after three or four a.m. before we finally stopped making love and fell asleep.

Of course, Orv had been screwing in the next room, and thankfully this time, he wasn't too loud, but I recognized the sounds of his bed squeaking from time to time. When the morning light came around, the girl was leaving my bed and getting dressed with a trip to the bathroom. Someplace along the way, she and Diane had connected, and Orv had driven them back to the bar where their car was parked.

It was late in the afternoon when I was getting around, shaving, showering, eating a breakfast brunch and preparing for what would be left of my Saturday. Orv was napping on the couch with the TV on whatever game was being shown. He sat up when I walked into the room with a towel around my waist from my shower.

"Hey, man," he called to me, "I want to really thank you for what you did last night. There was no way that I was going to get any action unless you had helped out with Debbie there." He was sincere and thankful.

"Oh, no problem" I assured him. "It looked like you had your hands full."

"I'll say," he grinned, "what a little hot one she turned out to be. I've got to remember her. How'd you do?"

"Oh, we stayed up and talked awhile and then I think she wanted to go to bed," I affirmed non-commitally.

"Well, I didn't see where she slept cause she was in the bathroom when I got up, but thank you, brother," Orv said sincerely. I smiled and remembered the shy girl who had been willing with a little coaxing in my bed the night before. I wasn't sure if she had come, but she had certainly enjoyed our sex and been a willing participant. I knew I had come and was satisfied after a long slow session. It wasn't often it happened that way.

"How did you meet them," I asked, though I already knew he had met them at the bar the night before.

"Oh, it was Diane's birthday and she wanted to party, but Debbie was holding her back some, I guess she had promised her father that they wouldn't be out too late."

"Sisters," I asked?

"I don't think so. Just recent high school grads this last spring. They're still in town this summer."

I turned and walked into my bedroom, dropping the towel and started my weightlifting routine with my dumbbells. My gaze fell on my unmade bed and something caught my eye. It was my used condom laying among the sheets. But as I picked it up and confirmed it was tied off, I noticed the stain. There was blood on the bed but not a lot of it. That's when I remembered that she had winced a little at the early stages, and I wondered if I had popped her cherry. Had she been a virgin? I might never know.
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