Dared To Walk Naked In The Rain At Work

I love being naked, especially outside and especially in the rain. I have been caught naked at work lots of times, sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident. It is usually when I am changing but also at a couple of work parties. Having been caught one day at work, some of the girls dared me to walk naked outside, in the rain. I was so excited by this and immediately agreed to do it. I am very close with one of the girls at work and we often have some naughty fun, even though she is married (see my other stories, nude at work).
In the changing room, I ******** naked and walked out. Standing there waiting were 4 of the girls, I was really excited and they were enjoying watching my semi hard **** swing as I walked. I opened the door and saw that it was raining quite hard but was also warm, so I went out. I stood there messing about, really enjoying the rain on me and the girls watching. Having been outside for what seemed ages, one of the girls (Charlotte) ran out and joined me although she still had her clothes on. She was getting soaked and her clothes sticking to her and also a bit see through, she stood with me teasing and rubbing the water on my chest. It wasn't long before I was hard, to the excited giggling of Charlotte and the girls, my **** rubbing against Charlotte's leg and we had a little kiss. The rain really came down hard and we made are way in, both of us soaking wet, the girls had a towel waiting for us but they couldn't resist another look at the water dripping off my ****.
We both went to the changing room where I started to dry off whilst watching Charlotte remove her top. I stood naked with the towel in my hand as I watched her dry her breasts, her bra was so wet I jokingly asked if she wanted my help to remove it so she could dry off. To my surprise she said yes so I moved behind her and unclasped her bra and she took it off, I dried her back, arms and belly and moved my hands to her breasts. She didn't really want me to but I continued to dry them and she let me, I dropped the towel but continued carressing her firm breasts. She let me do so but moved me round her front and grabbed my ****, her nipples were so hard and as I sucked on them she wanked me hard and fast before I shot all over her belly. What started as a naughty dare ended with more fun with another work collegue. I can't wait for more rain!!
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2 Responses Jul 17, 2011

I'd have got naked with u. Sounds great

Nor can I as I want to hear more!!!

got so horny with Charlotte, next time I want her naked in the rain too!

Sounds like fun!