Walked Out On Job, Best Decidion I Ever Made.

About a year ago I walked out on a job. I had only worked there for about 4 months but the job got progressively worse with each passing day.

The job was with a new company that built a new facility in my area.

I was hired as a guest service ticket sales attendant, it seemed like such an easy job in the beginning, pay was low, around $8.00 per hour but still was not bad... That all changed however within the first few weeks of us opening... The problem was this small company  provided a romper room style play environment for kids. The parents would come in with their kids and want to drop them off to go though the play area ALONE while they went out shopping... This was absolutely not allowed. I would have to explain over and over again to these ANGRY parents that we were NOT a daycare, we simply offered a play environment for kids to participate in WITH their parents supervising them. The environment was potentially dangerous and there were lots of older kids, Sort of like a Lazar Tag type environment with kids running around, kids get VERY out of control, people can get pushed, shoved, hurt, etc. unless you have someone responsible watching the kids. Sure, we have employees who supervise but we can't control other people's kids or watch them every second.  Well, these parents would become furious with me and everyone else in my department when they were told they could not leave their 12 year old kids unattended and leave to go shopping while the kids play. I would politely explain our policy that stated anyone under 14 must be accompanied by at least one 16 year old who would take responsibility for the younger kids. This of course lead to parents lying about their children's ages in an attempt to get them inside. I swear it was unbelievable how nasty these parents were. I had several parents who wanted to drop off 8-10 year olds and leave them alone... It was just horrible.

I was cursed out on a DAILY if not Hourly basis. I had several moms serious become so irate with me they cused me to my face and wanted to pick up signs and throw them at me. It was very crazy.

I even got promoted about a month into this job because I was the best at keeping the parents calm, I had learned how to speak to them in a way that did not offend them but even I could not stop the blow ups we experienced on a daily/hourly basis. I assure you, you have never seen anger like a mom who has 2 screaming kids wanting to go inside and you tell them they can't go unless mom buys a ticket and goes with them...

As the summer progress, we got so busy we would have lines out the door... people would wait for 2 hours to buy tickets only to be told they could not let the kids go in alone, they parents had to buy a ticket as well to go in with the kids. People would become DANGEROUSLY VIOLENT with us...

On top of all this stress, we were discouraged from taking lunch breaks. . We would work 9-10 hour shifts with NO BREAK at all. sure you could ASK for permission to take a break but if you did this, the management made it clear they did NOT LIKE people to take breaks. You would be looked down upon as a "lazy" worker if you asked for a break. If you wanted to go to the bathroom you had to ask permission and then RUSH to get to the bathroom and back within 5 minutes our you would get yelled at by the managers. It was absolutely surreal. I had NEVER worked in such an environment in my life. The Managers were INSANE people with crazy personalities.

I could go on and on about insane incidents that took place but long story short, I decided after 4 months I had enough of it. One of the managers had the NERVE to lecture me on how I should talk to customers after this woman just cursed me out to my face and threatened to attack me. I told the manager I QUIT and walked right out of there...

It was the smartest thing I ever did and I don't regret it one bit... I recently heard the place is now closing and filing bankruptcy!! That news made my day!! 
barton994 barton994
May 16, 2012