Techie "chick" Walked Out

Walked on my six figure job after two years. Total stress factory type field engineering job for a Polish based company. I was responsible for two hundred customers and all the company distrubitors for support of a product which worked only half the time. :( Five employees and a BU manager which discriminated againt me because I'm in a longterm relationship with a another woman. He started to send me cartoons strips with things like, "Angry Chick" after I asked for benefits for my partner. I made the company huge bank and built professional services orgainzation to fix their mess and make a profit. The last angry chick email hit me from the BU head manager and I took my 24 inch monitor under my arm, which is bigger than I am, and I purchased because they had no U.S. investment. I walked out the door and I haven't looked back. It's one thing to hate me cause I'm gay, which I"m not in your face about at all. He gave his Polish buddies a free ride for them and their girlfrends when they came to the U.S. to take our jobs. He would set them up in corp housing, treat them like kings. Then the person making him all the cash me he dumps on like I'm a wet rage. Bye Bye.

junglepain junglepain
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

Sexist patriarchal jerks. I'm sure you can find something well-paying, even in this tanked economy...have you looked at the Human Rights Campaign site for the best-rated LGBT employers? Or just freelance...but the 1099 thing, many taxes...YOU GO, GIRL.