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I'm a full time student, and a full time worker. Within the four weeks I had been at this job, the attorneys I worked for dressed me down verbally for a number of unacceptable offenses. Like, for instance, leaving a period off of the end of a sentence at the very end of an email. Or, using the phrase "in regards" instead of "with regard". Or, the horror of all horrors, sending an email without an attachment, then sending the attachment immediately afterward.


A form was misplaced, and had been given to one particular attorney. We gave her the form and she, literally, yelled at myself and the sixty-three year old woman who worked there. Then? She looks at me and begins to go on a tirade about how I should have caught this and says "And I'm starting to evaluate whether or not you even need to be here-"


I interrupted her and said "I don't." And left.


This isn't like me. Not at all. Normally, I would take this sort of treatment and internalize it and move on. However? 18 days of verbal abuse, panic attacks, and riding the edge of a nervous breakdown because of a period?! I'd had enough. I deserve better than that. And, anyone who is in a similar situation? You do, too. That treatment isn't work 20K a year.

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You guys have told really interesting stories about nervous breakdowns. a little bit ashamed, I have not much experiences about this field. Anyway, thanks for your sharing :)<br />
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Good for you! Having a nervous breakdown because of an employment situation=not worth it. My stepmom had two nervous breakdowns in the 80s because of her tyrannical boss: but she had to keep her job, because otherwise the family wouldn't have healthcare, she made a lot more money than my Dad, and didn't want to lose the house. Plus, she couldn't stand the thought of having to get public assistance (she was quite the snob). But she didn't deserve the hell that Tom put her through: special place in Hell, just waiting for him.

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I applaud you for going out with class. It would have been easy to lose your temper, which I may have. It took great restraint to simply let them know that you don't need them and walk out with your head held high. Well done.

You're right it isn't worth wouldn't be worth much more than 20k actually, but many put up with it because people get by with it....I don't think I could work for attorneys, they are a pompous bunch, but I have worked with some really bad situations in my life....I think the worst was a female brewmaster telling me to erase her scribblings on a blackboard once when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do....I had started temping at this place and apparently she saw me as uneducated and needy, that was her first mistake.....I took no mouth from her and she soon saw she had no power over me...but because I was valuable to the others in the office who knew I had more experience and drive than any others who have tried to come in there and work, they wanted me there, and she saw this....she quietly went away...and left me alone...till I decided to leave on my own.....and get a full time job....had she caused me to quit, that would have been ok too, because I simply wouldn't have put up with it for long.....never allow someone to steal your joy