An Unusal Freedom

I can still remember how it started. The very first time I ******** off all my clothes and ran thru the woods naked. It was a circular path that was small enough that no one would be there without evidence; either a car parked or bicyle tracks. It was late spring and the bugs were not out yet. It was the most exhilerating experience ever. For the first time in my life I felt completely free. Since then I've driven nude any time I go out to the countryside and regularly take hikes in the woods and ravines around my city totally naked. I prefer not to join a nudist club and am not sure what the legal ramifications are if I get caught. Which has happened 3 times. Once a guy drove right by when I was taking pictures on a dirt road and another time a lady drove by before I could get all my equipment back in the car. I know she called the cops because they came around to a little private parking lot a few minutes later but by then I was fully clothed eating lunch. The very first time I got caught I was washing the sweat from my body in a cool stream after a naked run mid summer. A woman and her dog came down to the stream. The dog obviously saw me first before the woman did and when he surprised me I grabbed my shorts which I carry around just in case there are kids and jumped into them just as the woman called her dog back. I'm sure she got the surprise of her life...and me too.

Although it's still great to do this, I'm hoping to share the experience with some one else or a couple. I've read about other peoples experiences. But one guysaid something that stands out that I really agree with which is, if you make it a sexual experience then the whole exitement ends with the release. So it's best just to enjoy your own or the company of others. I'm definitely not looking for a sexual experience. Just the freedom and the excitement of being naked where you might just be seen.
nromin77 nromin77
Aug 13, 2010