Skirting(im A Man)

i was bored one day so i took a drive up a local river and came across a seeminglee nice spot so i pulled over turned off my truck. and i grabed my fav short skirt and took a lil walk till i couldnt c the road no more. took of my pants hung it over a tree branch and went strolling down sum trail by the river, wind an air feeling good i pull my junk out of my pink panties and started ************. it felt so good so i didnt stop, well that was fun so i went back to my tree branch where my pants where and got totally nude and off i went agian, walking around with nature got about 200 ft away and herd voices, i froze for a sec and stated running i just got my clothes back on in the nick of time, when 2 girls and there boyfriends came a walking down then trrial, thats was scary and a lil arousing. havent dune mush skirting since.
soorokie79 soorokie79
1 Response Apr 25, 2011

wow, this same thing happend to me once, i got even more horney from it, kinda wish i got caught lol