A Short Walk. I Took Out The Trash Naked

It was quite eventful these few seconds of my life. I'm always nude at home now. I decided to take out the trash nude since it was already dark and my apartment had been very quiet this night. I tied up the bag and stepped outside my apartment. I let my eyes adjust to the seemingly bright lights that light the breezeway to the large garbage can. I stopped at the opening of the breezeway and listened. I heard nothing..and then proceeded to walk nude and exposed to drop off my bag of trash. I'm in the middle of the parking lot when I hear the familiar sound of a dog collar jingle. I look and see about 100 feet away, a small black dog walking and voices. I decided that I was already there..so I acted like it was normal for me to be nude. It's amazing what people do not pay attention to. No one yelled or screamed..in fact, they just simply didn't notice. But the rush I felt by being nude and exposed to people who could see me was AMAZING! I normally don't go out nude with the intention of being seen..this was a pleasant and exhilarating surprise! :) Below is a photo of my parking lot (with me nude in it) so you can get an idea of where I was walking nude.
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2 Responses Jun 30, 2011

I'm surprised you haven't run into a neighbor. I've walked around my neighborhood at night - like 9 or 9:30 - and it's a big rush but also a little scary as far as being caught. I live in town in a house so there's lots of street lights like there are at your apt. complex.<br />
Do any of your friends know you are into this?

I can see something hanging very low!!!