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Taking The Trash Out Naked

I used to live in a house with a long driveway that ended at right angles to a busy street. The trash was picked up every morning in this neighborhood so I took it out to the end of the driveway every night and I usually only wore a towel around my waist. One night the neighbor's dog was loose and in a playful mood grabbed my towel. My attempts to get it back only made him run away with it! I figured the only way to get him to drop it was to ignore him. So, I went down the driveway with only the trash bag in front of me.

As I headed for the street my heart was thudding loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear but I could not stop. Cars passed and people walked by but no one noticed. By the time I reached the end I was too intoxicated to care if I was seen or not. Perversely, I realized wanted to be caught!

I put down the trash bag and stood there in the street until I saw the lights of a car and deliberately began to walk back. I don't know if they saw me but it did not stop nor did I notice anyone else during that long walk back.

I did this naked every night after this and had some encounters but that's another story.
TropicMoon TropicMoon 61-65, M 3 Responses Oct 25, 2011

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I take out my trash nude when I can. Usually when the temperature is 58 deg F or more. But it is 10:00pm or later and I live at the end of a cul-de-sac with no neighbors ( the house across the street is vacant).

I am in a tropical country so winter weather is not a problem. The danger from people is greater. I'd love to do this with a partner.

I take the trash out to the street nude almost every trash day (which is only weekly here). I live in northeast Ohio, and we can get some tough winter weather here. The coldest temp that I ever made that trip nude, the temp was around -3 f! Our driveway is about 70 feet long, so it wasn't that bad of an experience, until I placed the garbage can on top of a pile of snow that had been building over the months of snow blowing the driveway, but once I let go of the can, it fell into the street, with the contents mostly staying in the can, but some fell out, so I went out into the street to pick it all up. As I walked out into the street I came within 10 feet of a woman walking around our neighborhood, at 5 am, in sub-zero weather! lol She regularly walks each morning, rain, snow or sunshine, but usually closer to 6:15 or so, so she was real early that morning.<br />
<br />
She passed me without beating an eye, and never even looked back to see if that naked guy was real or just in her imagination! Needless to say, I finished picking up the trash, set the can in a more level spot and RAN to the house, because at this point I was out a lot longer than I originally thought I would be.<br />
<br />
I am pretty sure the neighbor across the street has seen me on my nude garbage day duties, because he won't even acknowledge that I'm around anymore. He hasn't spoken to me in many years. No big deal.