3am Nude Walk Around My Apartment Complex

There was a brief period where the night time temperatures were around the high 50's I have not been outside nude in a while and I decided to seize the opportunity and go naked outside for a walk! the ground was wet outside, and since i was going a little ways, i decided to wear my shoes too. It's not 100% naked, but in case I needed to hide, this was the best option.

I decided to just carry my camera and leave my clothes in the apartment. i wanted to document the experience. Every location i stopped at, I took two photos of myself nude. One front..one back.

I could have *********** a little while I walked to make sure i had a nice hardon in the pics, but I decided to just be relaxed and enjoy the air and the experience tonight.

My apartment complex is pretty basic and far from the main road. I chose to walk out and stay on the dark side of the complex furthest from the buildings. But i was still naked in the parking lot. It was so exciting.

After a while, i started to relax and enjoy the air and take my photos. I got a little distance between me and my clothes. Maybe I should walk a little further next time. I still haven't gone the full length of my complex yet. Here are a few photos documenting my night. Enjoy!

My clothes were a ways away

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THANK YOU for sharing your experience!! You look FABULOUS --- thanks for the pictures as well! Love to read about nudes out in public!! I have to get out more myself.
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Very brave sir! I do this occasionally however I wait until about 4am and wander into the basement level of my building, it's dead quiet so I would be able to hear if someone was coming and hide in one of the stairwells. Such a thrill! Do you personally do this for a sexual experience or just for the experience itself?

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I found the post via google. I'm a 19 year old girl so there is an additional risk factor but I love walking out nude from my apartment and my campus is big with six buildings various play areas, tennis and racquet fields and all!<br />
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I tried it twice, hope to somehow skip through the security and walk the streets. But a little nervous and scared. If i encounter a monster then i'm pretty much raped which i don't want. T-T<br />
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I love to be looked at secretly but absolutely dislike sex... getting raped would be beyond horrible.

Don't think about the negative aspect of that. If you are worried about meeting some people, probably carrying mace or a taser migth be good idea when you go for your walks. Maybe you can tell a male friend you like to go for walks naked and he can keep an eye out when you go for walks?

Don't have a male friend and besides i don't want a friend to know this side of me &gt;.