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I Walk Outside Nude

when it is hot inside my apartment at night i remove my nightgown i go out on my porch & sit in the nude. i do this all summer. i'm not on the first floor so nobody sees anything. i often walk out on the porch of my apartment in the nude. sometimes when it starts raining i enjoy going out on the porch nude & let the nice cool rain fall on my nude body. in fact when it is extremely hot out i'm nude all the time. it realy feels wonderful being nude,because my skin can breathe. i love walking around nude,sleeping in the nude,& going out on my porch during summer in the nude. afterall that was how i came into the world. so it just feels so natural to be nude.
margaretwalter88 margaretwalter88 51-55, F 2 Responses Jul 26, 2012

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Good for you. I also like to be able to run around nude.

I miss living in a warm climate where I can be naked all day and all nite, I loe to take those Midight Naked walks, but the real turn-on is during the day, walking omewhere in the city in a plae where I'm naked, and near to people who can't see me.