A Stroll With The Wife

My wife is aware that I have had many exhibitionist experiences but I have assured her that these are things from the past. Her concern, rightfully so is that if I was caught exposing or if a someone we knew saw me it could be bad. Outside of my naked time at my secret beach (she suspects that I do that but I have told her that I do not get naked there) I do not spend much time naked as I would like. So my stories and experiences are before my current life, until this past weekend.
My wife and I were hanging out at home last Saturday night. After a late dinner and a couple of bottles of wine we decided to walk to our neighborhood watering hole. From the end of our street you can take a dirt road that is actually a protective dyke for the local river and takes us right to a really cool restaurantbar that looks onto the river (same river my beach is on, just a couple of miles away). We stayed till about closing and were pretty drunk by the time we left. We started to make our way down the dyke which was dark and desolate when I suggested we ***** down and make out. My wife thought about it for a second and even pulled her shirt up but chickened out. I of course being the exhibitionist that I am ******** down out of my shorts, underwear and shirt and except sandals was completely naked! My wife was slightly shocked but was drunk enough to tolerate and laughed in disbelief. She told me to get dressed but I refused and handed her my clothes. She said ok then and began to run down the dyke. I didn’t care it was great walking naked in the dark. The air was warm and the feeling of freedom was awesome. The first part of the trail was pretty dark but half way down the lights of the adjacent street lit up the dyke. She stood waiting for me to catch up and told me I should get dressed as it was so light. I refused and continued to walk through the now lighten trail. She said fine and ran down the rest of the way turning off onto the street. When I caught up she was in the middle of the street holding my clothes. Although I was more than ready to walk the rest of the way I knew as she did that if I got caught it could be bad. I got dressed and we walked home. Although my wife laughed at the event, she could tell how turned on the experience made me and thinks I am completely deranged!
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How do I say this without making it sound like you would be very old... I'm glad... no... I'm happy... no... I think it's great... yeah... I think it's great that your wife still acts playful after all those yea.... wait... what I'm trying to say: It made me smile to read about a married couple being playful and acting like teenage lovers after they got drunk :)

Thanks Laura...I think