Walked To Corner

Just now I did something that I haven't done in a long time. It was late when I got home and my wife was already asleep. I crawled into bed but because of the excitement of the evening (I had been to a late ending football game) I did not fall asleep. About 2am I got up to pee and decided that I was going to walk naked to the corner.

Now several years ago I did this several times. I even walked naked around my city block a few times but tonight it was just going to be to the corner. Only five houses.

I opened the door to the outside. It was still very warm and I padded naked and barefoot to the gate. Through the gate and closing it behind me I was nude on my street, hidden by the car. I walked to the end of the driveway and realized that there was not much cover for my short walk but what the heck. I started out at a normal pace. I got to the third house which had a fence to hide behind in case of a car and went halfway down the 4th house. A car went through the corner intersection and I almost panicked. I came back to the fence but it turns out the car went the other way.

Now I wish I could say I finished my walk to the corner but I sort of chickened out. Instead I walked back home. But to make up for it at least a bit I did walk three houses up the street the other way. I couldn't go past the 4th house as he has a motion activated light AND camera and I did not want to be immortalized on film!

I can't believe that years ago I went naked around the whole block. I must have been crazy back then!!!
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