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I have a few hundred acres out in the country, so I think nothing of going outside my house, and even long walks around my property naked. There are plenty of trees to keep away prying eyes and I feel most comfortable like this.

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Good for you!

There's a guy in the UK known as the Naked Rambler, who has roamed the length and breadth of the country nude. <br />
But he keeps getting locked up in jail for some reason

Too bad, richie. Guess you just had bad luck! I always go very far from everything when I go camping.

i went camping and tried that,MR park ranger gave me aticket.

It is so good to be outdoors nude. I wish I was there to share the experience with you. I met a gal on the internet once who, like you, had a lot of space to roam on her place and space to do gardening and swimming. She said she only put on clothes for two hours a day to get the mail from town. That would be a real delight to spend my days that way. <br />
<br />
Right now, I spend my time indoors nude with my gf and it's a pleasure to do so. I don't even like underwear, so I forget it when I go out.

I've only managed any distance on a long nudie beach, but it is great

i would be very happy to take a walk with you--naked of course. let me know when it is convenient!<br />
<br />