Walking The Dog

I usually go to the local shopping centre in the next suburb on Monday morning to buy a newspaper. I take the dog with me and we go for a walk on the nature park at the back of the suburb. As soon as I think I am far enough away from the house I remove my shorts , which is all that I am usually wearing, and  walk naked . The park is used pretty well by bush walkers, mountain bikers, dog walkers and sundry others. I try to avoid being seem but occasionaly I have been caught. I aws walkingup atrack one day when around a corner came a young women running with her dogs, she got a good look.Today it was a young couple jogging but they came no closer than 50 yards. Close enough to see but not in detail. I walked a couple of kilometres this morning totally nude.It's a great feeling.

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2 Responses Jan 24, 2010

where do live? someday i'd love to join you walking nude.

I have always wanted to push myself but i am never alone :( its so annoying,