Got My Wife To Come Outside Naked With Me

You will also find me in a forum for sexless marriages.  I love my wife but due to medication and other reasons we haven't had intercourse for years.  However, this is one incident that happened last night that suggests things might be improving.

Lately it's been hot where we live so we've both been sleeping nude.  Last night wasn't as hot as the night before but for some reason my wife couldn't sleep.  She was cuddling me during the night.  She often snuggles up behind me, cuddles me, rubs my back, and plays with my nipples which I love, and for this intimacy I am at least grateful.  When we are laying there naked I sometimes joke about going for a walk outside to cool off and I get a cynical response.

Well, last night, when it got to 2.15am and we were both awake, with me horny I said that I dared her to sneak out the front of the house with me, naked.   I said now is the time to do it because it is dark and everyone is in bed.  She said, "All right, come on then," in a kind of way as if to shut me up, but she jumped out of bed and we went to the front door.

I was surprised the screen door didn't squeak too much.  The fresh air was lovely on my skin.  She stood on the porch and I sneaked down the porch stairs to the driveway.  There are a lot of trees in our street.  She looked so sexy standing naked on the porch.  She pretended to wave to someone down the street just as a joke. I crept down the driveway towards the street naked as a jaybird.  Halfway down I saw through the trees that there were some people down the street standing around a car....some visitors going home!  I turned and quietly ran back up to the porch and we went inside.  I think my wife loved it as much as I did.  Maybe things are looking up.  She agreed we needed this sort of excitement in our lives.

As for me I got such a buzz out of this!

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Yes it was great but it was a Saturday night. Maybe next time I'll get her to do it mid-week because there would be more chance that there is nobody out in the street, especially at 2.15am! Tehehe