Walking Weird

I have never noticed it before. It happened one day when some girl asked why I walk like that and i said,"what?" Then later on I look at the bottom of my shoes and the one shoe had the rubber low in the middle . I got scared and asked my mom about it. She said "idk, you've been doing it lately". My grandma said I have been doing it since I was little! And I found out in 5th grade! My grandma also says it might be arthiritous.(I can't spell) Also, when I go to stores I feel pain in my ankles and knees fast and have to sit down.It's imberacing! (once again, spelling is bad!) I walk with my one foot or else both in. My mom things I need something(I forgot) on the inside of my leg. Anyone know what's wrong with me?
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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

Neither do I........ :( I wish I did.