Barbie, Please?

IK some people are like "Why would you want to be a Barbie?"..
Well, I feel like many different people have hobbies and such, well what if my hobby is looking pretty?
Is that a problem? Can that not be a hobby?
It has nothing with being shallow, it's just different people have different interests & if mine is being pretty, well I should be able to do that.
& it's not like I don't have other interests. & It's not like I don't have a personality & it has nothing to do with being "perfect".. It's just what I'm interested in.. So, yeah.
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3 Responses Sep 8, 2012

Aint nothing wrong with being pretty being a hobby. Go you!!!

Anyone can make anything a hobby, for sure. It's just a way of taking one's mind off of the world for a while. Pick any personality you like. Who knows? It may change tomorrow.

Nothing wrong with wanting to be pretty and get dolled up LOL , all the time ! you go girl!