The Adoration Of Me

Okay, I should start by saying that I totally ripped off that title from a book that I read called "The Adoration of Jenna Fox" by Mary E. Pearson. One of the greatest books I have ever read, Definitely worth the money to buy and read for hours. There's a second book out too called "The Fox Inheritance," and I haven't read it yet, but I bought it, even though it was in hardback, so i had to pay a little extra. There you go, I just gave them some free advertisement, and it's not plagiarism because I gave credit to the author.

Anyway, this story doesn't quite fit under this category considering that I no longer have to want to be adored. I am adored completely by the one person that I truly adore more than anyone in the entire world. Davie. I never thought that I could be so adored and loved, and I know that no one else will ever be able to give me all the love and adoration that Davie gives to me every second of my life. I have never been put on a pedestal so high, and I have never been given a brighter spotlight. The light that is cast on me onstage is nothing compared to the warm golden light that he not only shines upon me, but makes me feel inside as well.

Davie's undying love love, compassion, adoration, and unbreakable commitment knows no bounds. Every day, though I cannot speak to him, I know his love. I feel it surround me, even when he cannot. See, if you read my two other top stories, our romance tragedy is illustrated. we are forbidden to speak to each other for complicated and, for lack of better wording, stupid reasons. But that doesn't matter. We have found a temporary way back to one another though the use of this website. Yes, I am breaking the rules that my parents set for me when it comes to Davie, but I no longer care. They want to protect me and never want to see me hurt, but by restricting me from Davie, I am in more danger or self-injury (cutting among other things), and I am in more pain than I had ever thought imaginable. Now that he and I are talking again, though, I feel better about everything. I am reassured in the fact that he still loves me with all of his heart, and that no matter where I go, he will follow. I do not plan to stay where I am for college, and I actually plan on leaving this state as soon as I possibly can to get away from my old life which I no longer want to lead, and more importantly, to get away from my step-brothers. Yes, i do say that I want to get away from my mother as well, but what teenage girl wouldn't say that? What teenager anywhere wouldn't say that they want to get away from their parents? When parents lay so hard on their children, it only drives them away more, and I feel crushed beneath the pressure.

Davie has made it so clear how much he truly does love me in more ways than one. I know that I have hurt him in the past,m and I do not deserve all of the love and commitment that he has given me, I do not deserve to be on this pedestal, but he has put me here regardless of my past mistakes. I regret every single one of my mistakes, and if I could change them all, I would. Davie has forgiven me for everything that I have done, and he didn't need to think about it either. I was forgiven before I could even be convicted of my mistakes. Davie truly does love me. The feeling, of course, is completely mutual. I find it so hard to believe that he really loves me; that's why I keep repeating it. I know how true it really is now. It feels so good to know that my whole life has come together and is now stretching before me like an open plain. I can see everything for miles, and though the sun's rays do make some parts fade out of my vision (like what college I will be attending, or what gender my children really will be, etc.) I do see myself going through college, I do see myself being by Davie's side, I do see myself marrying him and spending forever with him. It's as clear as the ocean waters of the Bahamas, which I plan to visit someday as well. Davie has made me see my life as it is supposed to be. I no longer live in a fairy tale or an imaginary world or an unfinished puzzle. I live in the world I was truly meant to be in, the world that I have always dreamed of, the world that, through the adoration that I have for Davie, and the adoration that he has for me, I can now truly be a part of.

That is the Adoration of Me.
emfire911 emfire911
18-21, F
May 8, 2012