I Want To Drive Back Home But I Know It'll Not Be Good

My mom doesn't live where we were growing up.   Strangers live there now.
Down the road from where we lived was a creek.  I walked to that creek and sat so many, many, many summer days.
It's 22c here now (Ontario, Canada) and I want to go and park and sit down by that stream that runs under the road.
I'd cry. I can't help but cry sitting here writing this...lol..the screen is getting more and more blurry.
I weep for the years and where they've gone and how my life has ended up...as nothing.
I weep I didn't know more, understand more, learn more, been encouraged more, had the thought to become more
or do more.
I want to go there so bad and sit and cry...I think of it every day it is sunny and then I sit here and cry.
wow...this is so bad.
MsBlueDreamer MsBlueDreamer
51-55, F
Mar 16, 2012