freedom can mean so much to so many of us.There are so many things in this world we are not allowed to do or are frowned on wen we many things we have to pay for that should be free.whats your idea of freedom?

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I believe in freedom but sometimes freedom is taken away. Like gays for example why can't gay people get married,why are gay people not allowed to own children. In my opinion that is freedom being taken away. Also way back in the day people with HIV or AIDS were not allowed to do things. So in my opinion freedom is when you can do whatever you want, and freedom is something everybody should have.

Freedom to me is doing what you feel comfortable with and not being judged because of it. Freedom however Also entails a responsibility to make the best possible decision to take care of you your body and others as well.

to take a break from something that you know you have to do but has just made you disapointed and frustrated. it can also be the freedom that your not a slave to anything that you feel constructs you like a job you have to work at for the money. after i've finally quit something i no longer stand to do anymore i feel like i just broke free and it comes on as a natural high.

What was once a chore is now something I can do for myself. What was once something I dreaded doing has now become one of the things I think I need. What I once hated .. is now what I think I need... Still making mistakes ... but learning along the way .. I am the warden of my own freedom... and one day I'll bust out of here

My idea of freedom is ... no worries. The kind of freedom ... let's say ... if a friend said, "let's go here tomorrow; I know a special place..." ... and no matter how far or how much it cost or how crazy the trip may sound, I would say happily, "yes ... I'll be there; I'm on my way..." <br />
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Freedom is the secret of happiness and...“The secret of freedom is courage.” ~Thucydides<br />
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I guess the only freedom that I have -- still existing -- is "freedom of the mind". So, tonight, I will dream of that journey and maybe, in the future, I will live that journey.

freedom i beleived is to is so fleeting and can be taken from us in a moment...i beleive freedom is the ability to live outside the small little prison, known as the mind...