Everytime I try to be a free individual I meet the JUDGEMENTS that casuse me alot of pain. I started to realize the people that make these judgements must be PITIED. Imagine doing judgements all day long 24/7 your whole life. They store this pain in their brains and when they see a chance they blow it out at us. After these boring judges become blown out, no one listens any longer.They never move forward and never contribute to any cause, all they do is review past judgements over and over. I feel strong about about these guys ,my religion taught me that there is only one judgement at the end of my days on the planet and it's done in heaven. For example I love Lady GaGa people judge and say "it's for kids" but I don't care exciting and lifts me up because I'm sure she is HAPPY success does that.  

go4alife go4alife
66-70, M
Feb 20, 2010