Free Falling..

my other half of 17 years dumped me for a girl 20 years younger...of coarse i am taking this very hard..he is 50 and i guess is going through a midlife crisis but unfortunately i,m the casualty of this..i,m so sad and depressed all the time 3 months later and i,m still crying..he lives a block and a half away and i have to drive by everyday to get to town. i feel so locked in and feel i need to hide all the time i cant take seeing them together. she has logged into his face book and blocked me kicked me and done all sorts of other things..i just feel so sad and alone..will this nightmare ever end??
katt72 katt72
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

i have come out of my shell a bit its taking alot longer than i thought it seems i,m happy and having fun on the outside to others but i,m still a crying screaming mess on the inside..they dont understand why i cant get over this and have expressed this to me..its been almost four months and i,m amazed that they think that is enough time to get over hurt and betrayal