Can I Be Happy Again

 Ok, I'll start off saying I'm not unhappy, explaination, since my husband died 2 yrs ago there has been a sadness that I just can't shake, I go through my day, it's better now I don't feel like I'm sleep walking anymore, this is my life now. Have 6 grown children, love them all, have grandchildren,plenty of work to keep me busy,really have so much to be greatful for,love nature and appreciate all the beauty around me, still ...sadness , I laugh,joke around,I'm playful,but there is still sadness, and truely I'm no way sorry for myself, I've been blessed. so yes I question, will I ever be truly happy again? Don't know, but I do hope
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LOL, midgetclown11, You just may have a point there.. We may all be just a little bipolar..One thing remains a constant though, the appreciation for all the blessings bestowed to me...

ok you want to be happy again but your not unhappy but your sad. i for one think you should get checked for bipolar or something your mood changed atleast 3 times while writing that

pixelita, Yes many years have passed, it will be 4 years in May. I still miss my hubby, but I have found a good and satifying life with a best Friend and compaion. Yes, dorobo, puck is the one in the Pic.

I can see this story is old and I am glad that time has passed and you are feeling better... time is a wonderful thing... it passes and helps us heal... (((HUGS)))

I feel very sure that you are right Bird. I want to exsperience love and happiness once again and feel like it's a real possibility lately..

Life is full of surprises, you never know what the day will bring, just keep on movin on and everything else will work out.

Thank you doughboylover, never turn down prayers...8-}

Thank you one and all, since I had written this story, It has been a long journey, but I have finally awaken from my long slumber and I'm ready to start to live and love again. I can look on my future with hope and excitement. endless posibilitys.

I am so sorry for your loss ..I hope you are able to find that happiness you are seeking.

I lost my father a couple of years ago. I really haven't been the same since. My mom died a few years before him; that was rough but not nearly as difficult as the loss of my dad. I loved him so much. I remember feeling this shocked confusion that life kept going on when he died. My world, the world, without him in it just didn't make sense. I agree with puck61's comment- you are a wonderful person and deserve happiness!

You deserve happiness becuase you make others happy! The world couldn't ask for more.