Planning Our Escape

That ***** with the sock puppet was trying to start **** with me again during lunch! She said the next time my invisible cat scratches her bed she's gonna strangle him. How dare she threaten Mr Jingles!!! I had skipped my meds and was in no mood for that **** so I lunged at her and hit her in the head with my tray and it wasn't long before the nurse put me in a straight jacket and away to isolation ward I went.

Fortunately Hartley had been hiding a lighter and got revenge for me. Later that evening she lit that stupid little ******* sock on fire. Boy was sock girl ***** (I don't bother to learn her name) pissed. But now Hartley is in trouble for that little incedent which sucks.

(Hey Hartley...sign the **** on and tell me how the **** we escape now)
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lol, don't feel bad. Glad we could give you a laugh!

wow, that was a conversation, thanks for the laugh guys. I actually feel bad interupting the flow with my own comment.

I lost my helmet *cries*<br />
<br />
I'll go see weirdo of your voices should have told me in the first place! ****!!!

DAMN !!!!! people like you are the freakin reason people like me need medication!!! <br />
<br />
AT 6:45 on the dot.......go to see weirdo wayne in his room !!!dont be late, he will go psycho on your *** !! <br />
He had a day pass today and has the burger !!!!! <br />
<br />
then........ill say it again MEET ME AT 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!! **** moon, have you been wearing your helmet ???//

AND HOW THE **** DO YOU SUPPOSE I'LL BE GETTING THAT!? The **** they serve in the cafeteria doesn't even come close to a cheese burger! I'M THE IDIOT!? We are trying to escape, you can only get cheeseburgers outside of this hell hole, you want to use the cheeseburger to escape... SO HOW THE **** IS THAT GONNA WORK!?<br />
<br />
Ha, bet none of your voices thought of that ****! And no I'm not jealous, you're voices are annoying as ****!!!!!!!

PAY ATTENTION !!!!! We are meeting the orderly to bribe him with the damn cheese burger !!!YOU are suppose to be getting it !<br />
**** !!!! Calling you an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid people !!!!!!<br />
AND You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me!!!!!! @#@!)(*&#$*@#!!!!!!!!!!

So not true! A lie that voice 3 and 8 came up with! I'll leave the cat behind the day you leave voice 8 behind...can't do it? DIDN'T ****** THINK SO! Whatever, this isn't a time to fight, we must work together!!! <br />
<br />
What are we doing outside of Freddy's? I thought we were breaking out Monday?

listen moon, get your **** together !!!! ******* FOCUS !!!<br />
our main goal here is to bust out of here asap !!!are you still in???<br />
now lets not get into the "who is the biggest ho bag ?" debate, cause i think we can both agree,my friend--- you would not win, after the whole "disapearing for an hour with deranged danny in the supply closet"---- last tuesday.........and friday.......oh crap and monday.......<br />
<br />
meet me at 7 in the hall outside of crazy freddys room. and leave that damn mofucker cat of yours behind. this is serious **** !!!BE THERE !!!! HEAR ME ?? THINK ABOUT IT !!! GOT IT ??? YES ?? FREAKIN" FANTASTIC !!!!!

Fine then you be a ho and tongue every guy you meet! You heard me, Mr Jingles and I think you are a ho!!!!!

hey moon!!!! Chill the hell out !!! he may come in handy !!! voice #8 says "get that ******* cat under control !!!!!", his nine lives are up !!!!! and payback be a BIOTCH!!!!!" sorry moon, dont shoot the messenger just telling you what they said. we need all the ******* help we can get !!!!!

Anyone that tries to kiss me is gonna get the **** scratched out of them by Mr Jingles!

No more lighters, we gotta stay outta trouble!!! I stay away from sock *****, you stay away from the lighters, thats the deal! Grrr...I'm not gonna get mad, I know thats just voice #8 talking and I never got along with her. Sorry 8, you're a *****!<br />
<br />
And fine, if you don't like Betsy you can through peas at the crazy guy while I visit her. I'd be bored if I hung around you because I won't have any peas to throw, I'm saving that nasy pot roast for Mr Jingles so the peas are all I have to eat. Don't know why he likes that nasty ****! Besides, I think Betsy might be able to tell us how we'll escape Monday.

WHAT ? no melting crayons ???? damn , you know thats my favorite thing to do. **** !!! TAKE ALL MY FUN AWAY !!! oh.......hellz no !!!! I can get my hands on another lighter !<br />
<br />
voice #2 wants you to save up all your peas at dinner tonight-----yup another game of throwing peas at creepy guy in the tv room. AND moon, we are NOT hanging aroung with betsy tonight,I dont care if she can see the future in her hand....... that freakin' girl has problems..........I think she may be a bit crazy .............<br />
<br />
what day of the week is it? hey, we still breaking outta here monday ?

I know, I know, I overacted with sock girl...I'll behave more I promise. And no more naked singing...*sigh* this sucks. Is voice number 3 done scolding me?<br />
<br />
Awe well, I know what we can do while we bide our time...lets break into the art room and color!!!<br />
<br />
**** that art is only on Friday ****! Lets steal some crayons! And you better not melt these ones!<br />
<br />
I got yo back too! We'll get the **** out of here soon enough!

WhAt tHe #$!^&*()()^%$#@#@!#!!!!!!!! -- what the hell am i in this padded room again for ?!!<br />
i told them the ******* sock TOLD me to do it !!<br />
they never listen ! **** !<br />
<br />
*LET ME OUT!*---*LET ME OUT!*<br />
<br />
oh never mind - me and moon are out of here. yup . Me and voice # 4 1/2 told me -<br />
"GeT THE **** ouT of ThERE !!! tHey JuST WAnt tO harvest yOUR orGans !!!* so i am gonna damn well listen. <br />
<br />
voice #2 and i are bribing the big orderly that works on mondays with a super big cheese burger with fries !!! <br />
<br />
So we gotta lay more running naked threw the wing singing ----MOON !!! <br />
<br />
I got your back ! FO sho !!! but chill the hell out with the 'sock girl' !!! we both know shes a psycho hose ***** anyways !!!<br />
<br />
THis is freakin craytarded !!!!