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Peelover94 Peelover94
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Couldn't find another group to post this in but yes I do want to be peed on. But the story I'm posting is about what I just did before my shower. Now I do this all the time but just now it felt really good even though I do it every day. I stand in the shower and before I turn the water on I pee in my hands, on my arms, down my legs and all around the tub. I have even made a video of it. But it was about 23 hours since my last pee and I had a lot of fun I originally went into the bathroom to poo on the toilet but before I could pee I stood up, got into the tub and done what I always do but yeah it was so good and I really want to be peed on by a girl!