For You

Thing come tumbling down in our lives, and things happen that we cannot handle alone. Let me be your shoulder my friend, tell me your woes and let me comfort you. I will dry your tears and sooth your soul. i will not lie to you to ease your pain but twll you th truths to erease it all. Let me take your hand and journy with you through your hurt, i will lift you up and keep you safe. Your life is precious and your words a gift that i long to hold. now let me b your shoulder to cry one, and i will never leave.

DarkAmber DarkAmber
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2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

all is not hopeless, there is hope. <br />
my friend, i know things seem hopeless and that they are comming down to the very point of breaking. but it is not all ended. there is strength when it all bottoms out and something greater that you will find... i will write you more personally... With all my heart

....<br />
hi,<br />
I have a benign brain tumor for which I'm in week 5 of 6 weeks of radiation. I'm mostly so tired that i can't think straight or do the simplest of tasks (like cleaning up the kitchen). the laundry is piling up in huger towers every day. My wife works full time and deserves a weekend off with some fun time which I'm not able to help with. My two boys (aged 8 and 10) are about the only reason I get up every morning to make them breakfast before sending them off to school instead of sicking my face into a chainsaw. I'm kinda at the end of my rope here and could really use a shoulder, I've worn off my wife's shoulder and I can't allow myself to be soft around her. I have to take care of business and put up an act that I'm still optimistic and that one day everything is going to be just fine. i don't have the energy anymore to put up that kind of a mask. I'd write a bit more but i have to update my medication list that's in my wallet should I collapse somewhere away from home.<br />
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somedays it really sucks to be me. last night was fun, we had some friends over but today is just more fatigue and pain and hopelessness.