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im tired of these creeps on the internet looking for innocent people. I say we get a big group together with weapons and go kick in the doors of these mother ******* and catch them in the act and beat them the **** down. Screw trying to be ****** and put them in jail, or register on some stupid legal ****. I say we give them a Royal beat down like they deserve. How can a sexual predator sexually violate an innocent young girl if lost the use of his arms? Think about it, do you really give a **** about someone whos willing to sexually abuse your daughter, son, brother, sister? Hell no. So let it be known to everyone that WE are tired of DIPLOMATIC bullshit, and that we are willing to take the responsibility of BEATING these perverted **** bags DOWN. NO MERCY...............
AlexGraham AlexGraham
Aug 12, 2010