Kids Can Do Alot Haha

Me ... I'm young but I wanna change a life and save a life too.. Ever since I could remember I would always talk to the kid in the corner unril I seen a smile or help the hurt kids at recess ... Now that I've grown (somewhat) I take it to the next level... I hug the hurt I talk the suicidal out of being suicidal and I just try and try my best at helping people see the light ... I'm young still and mess up on helping people sometimes but as an Adult I wanna change the world help people accept .. And Stop bullying or .. Help teens stay alive and share the word of God ... Thats my Drive in life... And thats what I intend to continue doing... And haters keep me going so... Nothing can stop me now . Haha.
-Keep the peace !
-love stronger
- Forget regret !
Deadlylovely13 Deadlylovely13
2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I was never like that as a kid.. don't suppose anyone wanted me to be.. but now I like to talk to the shy and awkward kids/teens and those who are being hurt bullied etc. Soo, idk what this comment is about, I just didn't wanna only write "Go DL13! You're awesome!" lol. xD But um yeah that is cool that you like helping others and you have a strong caring/nursing/nurturing instinct. :)

Awe, thank-you, You seem like a really down to earth kid.

Lol, thanks. :) I'm not a kid though, lol xD Maybe at heart. :)

Oops haha

P.s. I'm still a teenager .. :)

lol, I know. :)