Me and my mom mom were outside like a couple days ago cause it was so nice out and if you know how many family is then you know we were just naked and my neighbor behind our house like the backyard side was out too we waved and everything cause we've known him for years. My mom and I went over to talk for a bit like how you been and stuff like that. He usually jerks when we are out so we we asked I he was gunna start ******* soon and he was like yea in a bit are you guys just gunna sit around or was your husband gunna come out too and my mom was like just us the boys are out at. So basically long story short I ended up rubbing my you know what for him and we talked for a bit then my mom just gave him head for a bit. Most neighbors ask for sugar lol we ask to bang loll
youwishyouhadme1234 youwishyouhadme1234
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6 Responses Mar 19, 2016

What wonderful neighbors you are!! I wish you were my neighbors.

If you want to chat on kikster I use the same name.

I really wish you were my neighbor

Wish I was your neighbor. I too love nudity more than anything

nice girl respect to you both

that's so hot I'm moving in next door ;-)


lol il make.sure I'm outside every morning wen u come out ;)