Woh Woh Woh

You all know the Peanuts cartoon I am sure.  Adults in most of the Peanuts animated cartoons are only heard by the unintelligible (to the audience) sounds of a woh-woh-woh.  Well that is what I am feeling like doing to so many people this past week.  I must just be tuned in to ignorign them because I hate bickering over such trivial things when we should be living life.  So WOH WOH WOH!

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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4 Responses Mar 17, 2009

LOL, I do it to my grams and it ticks her off so bad.

My husband and I both do it alot. I used to say it when one of the kids whined or something. I know, I know LOL

LOL, I have started saying it outloud a lot this past week and it is so scary. lol

hahaha! I have that soundbite in my head a lot! And I use it too, too bad it's only to myself though! LOL