Another Tldr

weekend. woke up late, since i slept late last night. had my breakfast, shower later. stared blankly out the window during breakfast a good 10 minutes. hair messy, clothes wrinkly, thoughts, none.

nothing to do. had the urge to clean the room, did laundry. then showered. turned on the computer, boring. ate. played video games, hours passed. school work all forgotten. felt very tired. ate. sleepy, slept.

woke up before midnight. stayed in bed. thinking meaningless thoughts, get depressed, doodle thoughts, wondering about everything, questioning existence. turned on computer, boring. video games. ate. sleepy again. slept. next
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3 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Stream of consciousness pieces are great. I like it.

sounds like me..

Story of my life!! :p