That Is Full Of Sensual Passion

Well, we sure don't want just any arm's ? Do WE ?............. And not from the sexless person dept. Have you read any of the heartbreaking stories in the sexless marriage or one's related to it, WOW! Hey I used to be in that type of relationship and it is a lonley road to drive down. The only good reason for staying together would be for kids, but that is another subject. Wear good glasses when you are picking some nice arms, Arms come with a lot of other things attached to them did you know that ? It is nice if they have a brain and it is a useable, white teeth and not yellow, well also it would be good if they had teeth also. Do those arms wash and clean up the other parts real good, is everybody happy and play well together, Are those arms single and do not lie,as in not attached and does not come with a lot of past baggage, Travel Lite :) Well just a few things to concider. What Say You ?
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2 Responses Nov 10, 2011

I think it is everyone's dream to find love and hipiness, everyone has made mistakes in the past, its how and what you learn from those mistakes that will determine your future.

I dream daily of the day where warm arms will embrace me :) I want to wake up and see my life in someone elses eyes! What a beautiful future lies ahead